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  • Total investments and acquisitions reached $12.9 billion.¬†
  • This second week of 2022 saw the biggest acquisition in the games industry with Take Two acquiring mobile game publisher Zynga for $12.7 billion.¬†
  • There were 6 investments, made up primarily of game companies for a total of $149 million.
  • This week there were 5 acquisitions.
1/10/22 Investment StageZero Konvoy Ventures, Ludus, Hyperramp, Into Ventures, Nordic Game Ventures, Alexis Bonte, Andrew Sheppard $1.8 Seed Games Mobile AI Helsinki Finland
1/10/22 Acquisition Zynga Take Two Interactive $12,700 $2,300.0 Games Mobile San Francisco USA
1/10/22 Investment Mojo Vision Amazon Alexa Fund, PTC, Edge Investments, HiJoJo Partners, NEA, Liberty Global Ventuers, Advantech Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, Dolby Family Ventures, Motorola Solutions, Open Field Capital $45.0 Series B $205.0 AR Smart Lens Saratoga USA
1/11/22 Investment Lootex Spartan Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital, Akatsuki, Polygon Studio, HTC, Huobi Ventures, Morninstar Ventures, others $9.0 Seed Metaverse Blockchain Marketplace Taipei Taiwan
1/11/22 Investment AmazeVR Partners Investment, Smilegate Investment, Quantum Ventures Korea, ABC Partners, Everrich Group, GS Futures $15.0 Venture $40.3 VR Virtual Concert Platform West Hollywood USA
1/11/22 Acquisition MagicLens (Humai) CareAR AR 3D Visualization Vienna Austria
1/12/22 Investment Yahaha Studios HillHouse, Coatue, ZhenFund, Bertelsmann Asia Investments, BiliBili, Xiaomi, others $50.0 $81.0 Games No-code platform Helsinki Finland
1/12/22 Investment Fan Controlled Football Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital, Gemini Frontier Fund, 6th Man Ventures, Jump Crypto, Red Beard Ventures, GoldTree Asset Management, Sebastian Borget, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Talis Capital, Verizon Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Basecamp Fund $40.0 Series A $55.0 Games Sports league Los Angeles USA
1/13/22 Acquisition N3TWORK Forte $57.0 Metaverse Mobile platform San Francisco USA
1/13/22 Investment Turnip Greenoaks, Elevation Capital, SEA Capital, Vibe Capital, angel investors $12.5 Series A $14.1 Games Community Platform Bengaluru India
1/13/22 Investment Rooster Lightbox, March Gaming, Duane Park Ventures, 9Unicorns, ADvantage, Capital-A, Goal Ventures, existing investors IeAD Sports, Health Tech Partners $25.0 Series A Games Streaming Esports Platform New Delhi India
1/13/22 Investment Epic Games DoubleDown Interactive $1.5 Venture Games Social Korea
1/13/22 Acquisition Astragon Team17 $86.0 Games Germany
1/13/22 Fund Bright Gambit Andreea Chifu (business developer at Raw Fury), Tim Browne (creative director at Expansive Worlds), Juliette Auverny-Bennetot (legal counsellor at Raw Fury), Vic Bassey (founder of Games Industry Africa), investor Karl Magnus Troedsson, Robert Backstrom (Aurora Punks’ founder), Tobias Andersson (Turborilla’s founder) Games Indie Developers Stockholm Sweden
1/13/22 Acquisition Lab Cave Airnow Games Mobile Madrid Spain
1/15/22 Investment GXC KNET Investment Partners, Korea Development Bank,Tiger Asset Management Discretionary Invest, Vision-Creator, Megazone $9.1 Series A $13.8 Games Ecosystem Platform Jeju South Korea
Source: M2 Insights 


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